March 29, 2007

EU Fraud

The EU despite making the majority of our laws has dropped off the radar since the collapse of the Constitution. But it is certainly continuing as before as this latest revelation of EU fraud demonstrates:

An EU civil servant and an assistant to a European Parliament member were among those under arrest, a spokesman for the Brussels public prosecutor said.

The three were arrested as part of a multi-million euro case over suspected fraud involving EU building tenders.

This fraud has according to the article been going on for a decade, that is almost as long as the EU has not been able to get it's accounts signed off and involved

suspected bribery of European civil servants, forming a criminal organisation, violating professional secrecy, breaches of public tender laws and forgery

But this can in a way be considered progress. They are at least arresting the EU officials suspected of fraud, rather than arresting journalists investigating fraud


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